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Who we are?

Biofarma Laboratories is a consolidated company with more than 29 years in the pharmaceutical industry, with a distinguished Mexican heritage and ownership that is fully committed to its consumers. We specialize in research, formula development, production and marketing of medications, remedies and supplements. We are an innovative company, leaders in the industry with a vision for social responsibility. We have presence in Mexico and Latin America through our manufacturing chain.

CMD natural products is our commercial brand and is a NATURAL, reliable and guaranteed alternative.


Our Timeline

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Health Care

Our main focus is the contribution towards the general health of our national population

A Natural Choice

Our products are made with all natural ingredients


Thanks to our trajectory we have transformed into a solid and competitive company

Quality and Guarantee

Our products are COFEPRIS certified and they adhere to all the norms of the secretary of health. Plus FDA and NSF certifications

Research and Development

We stay on top our updates and research, which allows us to innovate in the field of the development of our formulas


We have 5 pharmaceutical grade plants, dedicated to each category of products within the Guadalajara metropolitan area:
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